A biography of theodora wife of the emperor of the byzantine empire

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Justinian I

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Justinian I

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He is recorded as mere at a synod quantized 13 May []. Byzantine Empire Emperor Justinian Facts, Life and his Wife Theodora As a person who writes a travel blog about the history of Istanbul, I have come to realize that I. The empress Theodora () hung, crucified, beheaded or drowned some Ioo, of them, and drove yet more over the frontier, where from Argaeum, Amara, Tephrike and other strongholds their generals Karbeas and Chrysocheir harried the empire, untilwhen the emperor Basil slew Chrysocheir and took Tephrike.

When Justin died and Justinian became emperor in"Theodora-from-the-Brothel" was empress of Rome. The classic rags to riches story is made richer still by Theodora's achievements in power.

"A bravura performance: a witty, moving, sexy book that bursts with as much color and excitement as the city of Constantinople itself." -Financial Times Roman historian Procopius publicly praised Theodora of Constantinople for her piety-while secretly detailing her salacious stage act and maligning her as ruthless and power hungry.

Biography. Justinian and wife Theodora helmed the Roman empire in its waning days, successfully quashing invasions from the Goths, the Vandals, and other challengers.

Ultimately, their efforts to restore the empire's grandeur failed. The Emperor Justinian and the Byzantine Empire by James Allan Evans. An accessible introduction to Justinian's.

_Justinian and Theodora_ is a bit dated (it was first published in ), but there is much to recommend about it. There are a number of photographs (overseveral in color), and the historical context of Justinian's reign is both easy to understand and detailed.

A biography of theodora wife of the emperor of the byzantine empire
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