A discussion on the social issue of racial discrimination

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Racial discrimination is an issue in the US

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A discussion on the social issue of racial discrimination

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On Views of Race and Inequality, Blacks and Whites Are Worlds Apart

Experiences with racial discrimination are far less common among whites, but a sizable minority (30%) of white adults report that they have been discriminated against or treated unfairly because of their race.

In this unequal social system, there is often unfair treatment directed against certain individuals or social groups. This is referred to as discrimination. Discrimination can be based on many different characteristics—age, gender, weight, ethnicity, religion, or even politics.

- Racial Discrimination in the U.S.

Social Injustice: Discrimination

Justice System Introduction In modern-day America the issue of racial discrimination in the criminal justice system is controversial because there is substantial evidence confirming both individual and systemic biases. As racial discrimination and inequality is a long-term social construction, it is different to use one or two policies to solve this social problem.

To mitigate the negative consequences of racial discrimination and inequality, a set of policies setting for improving both the system and situation should be implemented.

I am taking the position that racial prejudice/discrimination is a current issue in the U.S. My opponent has the task of refuting this, claiming that racial equality is practiced and discrimination and prejudice are not widespread.

A discussion on the social issue of racial discrimination
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A discussion on the social issue of racial discrimination