A history of the photographs and the brief biography of george eastmans kodak

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Eastman Kodak: 130 years of history – in pictures

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George Eastman

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George Eastman

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George Eastman Biography

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Biography of George Eastman 3 In the time it takes to read this paper, thousands of photographs will be taken worldwide. Few, if any, of the people snapping those pictures will think of George Eastman, the man who. George Eastman's Kodak Camera. Eastman was an avid photographer and became the founder of the Eastman Kodak company.

"You press the button, we do the rest" promised Eastman in with this advertising slogan for his Kodak camera. Given young George Eastman’s experience as a bank clerk, it’s not surprising Kodak created a variety of technologies to preserve, copy and manage documents.

One descendant of Kodak’s document technologies is the fastest commercial inkjet print engine in today’s printing industry. The best biography of Eastman is Carl W.

Ackerman, George Eastman (). Robert Taft, Photography and the American Scene: A Social History, (), places Eastman in perspective in the evolution of photography.

A discussion of George Eastman and the museum established on his estate, from Picture Perfect: George Eastman House. Great Museums Television After his education in the public schools of Rochester, New York, Eastman worked briefly for an insurance company and a bank.

A history of the photographs and the brief biography of george eastmans kodak
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George Eastman: A Biography - Elizabeth Brayer - Google Books