An analysis of suffering and logotheraphy in the life of viktor frankl

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Viktor Frankl

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Undoubtedly, Frankl’s early life experiences and unimaginable suffering are clearly emulated in his formulation of logotherapy.

Timeline of Viktor Frankl Early Years (). What is Logotherapy / Existential Analysis? Author: Alexander Batthyány. The development of LTEA dates back to the s.

On the basis of Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalysis and Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology the psychiatrist and neurologist Viktor Emil Frankl () laid down the foundations of a new and original approach which he first published in Critical views of the life of logotherapy's founder and his work assume that Frankl's religious background and experience of suffering guided his conception of meaning within the boundaries of the person and therefore that logotherapy is founded on Viktor Frankl's worldview.

Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy is based on the premise that the human person is motivated by a “will to meaning,” an inner pull to find a meaning in life. The following list of tenets represents basic principles of logotherapy: • Life has meaning under all circumstances, On the meaning of suffering, Frankl gives the following example.

Viktor Frankl. Review By Dan Geddes. which like death is an inevitable part of life. Because of his experiences, Frankl emphasizes the possibilities of finding meaning through one’s unavoidable suffering. The Satirist - America's Most Critical Book (Volume 1) Online Ads.

Logotherapy was developed by neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl. It is considered the "Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy" along with Freud's psychoanalysis and Adler's individual psychology.

Logotherapy is based on an existential analysis focusing on Kierkegaard's will to meaning as opposed to Adler's Nietzschean doctrine of will to power or Freud's will to pleasure.

Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy: The Search For Purpose and Meaning An analysis of suffering and logotheraphy in the life of viktor frankl
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