An analysis of the advertising campaign of the new volkswagen beetle

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VW will boost digital marketing in efficiency drive

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Marketing of the New Volkswagen Beetle

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This way the information can start with a list, increase sales and later reversed down. The legendary VW ad campaign of the ’s by New York’s Doyle Dane Bernbach – How many brilliant ways can you sell a car?

Volkswagen Beetle original vintage advertisement. Photographed in. )dvertisement campaign for the 8ew Beetle VW mar eting team and advertising agency has to accept the challenge to ma#imi:e the impact of brand with the limited advertising budget.

Whether they would li e to go with Baby Boomers or whether they would li e to with young generation. A new design was launched in as the New Beetle.

Separately this week, Deutsch LA is reported by AdAge to have been eliminated from the global Volkswagen creative review, which is being fought out between Omnicom (whose DDB already holds the account in most markets), WPP and Publicis.

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The campaign that DDB put together for Volkswagen in would not only make their car “as American as apple pie” but be recognised by Advertising Age as being the greatest ad of all time and. The “Think Small” campaign was developed in for advertising the Volkswagen Beatle.

Conceived by Helmut Krone and Julian Koenig, this campaign is what many consider to be one of the best advertising schemes of the 20 th century. Volkswagen has done their homework by pre-advertising the car and by letting reporters take free rides in the car to experience the real fun of driving a Beetle.

Volkswagen to boost marketing efficiency

Now, the company should make a six month advertising campaign using print as well as television media.

An analysis of the advertising campaign of the new volkswagen beetle
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