An analysis of the content and meaning of the artworks of lizbeth ortiz

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René Magritte Paintings René François Ghislain Magritte (November 21, – August 15, ) was a surrealist artist of Belgian origin. He became famous for his surrealist artworks that were regarded as thought-provoking and witty.

Physical analysis: word count: ; lines: 39; stanzas: 3 6.

Silent Dancing Analysis

Topic: A car crash 7. Summary: The poem starts with a description of an ambulance rushing to the scene of a crash, and hurriedly gathering up the victims and rushing them away. The second and third stanzas explore the emotions felt after the car crash from the perspective of a wit-ness.

8. Ortiz Cofer’s memoir demonstrates the overwhelming difficulties of having a specific ethnic identity. Although her Puerto Rican culture and heritage are rich and powerful, her memoir shows the pain and confusion that result from having a divided consciousness.

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An analysis of the content and meaning of the artworks of lizbeth ortiz
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