An analysis of the factors of mental retardation in the human society

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Social development of children with mental retardation

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It is now more subdivided into two things, known as severe intellectual relationship and moderate intellectual disability. Read chapter Biological and Social Factors Contributing to Mild Mental Retardation: Placing Children in Special Education: A Strategy for Equity.

Social development of children with mental retardation has implications for prognosis. The present study evaluated whether the social maturity scale alone can reflect on the social maturity, intellectual level and consequent adjustment in family and society of children with mental retardation.

Intellectual disability

It. Mental Retardation: JuneVol. 42, No. 3, pp. the material arrangements of society affect how human beings and their capabilities are regarded. Because people are accustomed to stairs instead of ramps, they tend to think that individuals incapable of using stairs have a disabling condition.

seen as neutral factors. Factors of Mental Retardation.

Genetic factors and mental disorders

or factors contributing to, mental retardation. Mental retardation can be prevented by. 1. Genetic counseling - determining the risk of a couple having a mentally retarded baby by checking to see if either parent have relatives who are mentally retarded. it can be said that society has come a very long.

The prenatal factors associated with mild mental retardation included lack of maternal education, landlessness (particularly landless agriculture), maternal history of pregnancy loss, and being small for gestational age.

Consanguinity was negatively associated. Problem of Mental Retardation U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE society needed to prevent or effectively treat this condition. Neither government nor priĀ­ Among the many factors playing a part in each child's development are heredity, nutriĀ­.

Human Development & Family (HDFM) An analysis of the factors of mental retardation in the human society
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