An analysis of the literature of the diary of a napoleonic foot soldier

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Jakob Walter

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Human interest apart, Walter's stolid and narrowly focused account of his life as a soldier is longer on curiosity than historical value. Drafted inat age 18, to fight against Prussia, he was recalled in for a war with Austria and in when Napoleon moved his. Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier essaysLooking back into history it is hard to understand exactly how the people of the time had felt.

One can never fully understand the hardships of life in the past, and in order to attempt to understand we depend highly on written sources, textbooks, diaries an. Of the half - million men who invaded Russia in Napoleon's army in Junebarely 25, survived.

One who did was the author of this diary, Jakob Walter (), a German private soldier from. The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier looks first hand look at the life of an average soldier at the time, Jakob Walter.


He was a nineteen year old german boy enlisted by conscription and assigned to regiment Romig, later known as Franquemont Regiment.

An analysis of the literature of the diary of a napoleonic foot soldier
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