An analysis of the positive opportunites that came from the voyage of christopher columbus

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What Is the Impact of the Exploration of Christopher Columbus?

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Columbus reports on his first voyage, 1493

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On October 12, more than two tales later, Columbus landed on an essay in the Bahamas that he did San Salvador; the natives disciplined it Guanahani. Related Questions. How was Christopher Columbus's first voyage helpful to Spain? 1 educator answer Why did Spain, and not Italy, fund Christopher Columbus's voyage?

As points out, though Christopher Columbus did not discover the New World, one of the impacts of his exploration was the opening of the North America to settlement and exploitation. Another impact was the devastation of the native population through disease, subjugation and environmental.

Apr 10,  · I don’t believe that Christopher Columbus’ first voyage is a good example of the globalization of Latin America, but I believe that it was necessary in order to set the possibility for the future globalization of Latin America, a type of indirect globalization if you will.

By comparison, the National Council of Churches' document "A Faithful Response to the th Anniversary of the Arrival of Christopher Columbus," published in amidst much controversy, was a far less morally serious text.

Christopher Columbus () was born in Genoa, Italy, and grew up among- merchants who traded throughout the Mediterranean and along the Atlantic coasts of Africa and Europe. Working as a young man for Genoese importers in Lisbon, Columbus traveled as far afield as Iceland in the north, Ghana in the south, and the Azores in the.

Often credited with having "discovered" North America, Christopher Columbus had positive and negative effects on the world.

What Are Some Positives and Negatives of Columbus' Voyages?

His voyages helped establish new trade routes and bring new goods to England. On the down side, his arrival brought infectious diseases that wiped out Native American.

An analysis of the positive opportunites that came from the voyage of christopher columbus
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