An examination of the controversial issue of spanking a child

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To Spank or Not to Spank | Part 1

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Spanking can be appropriate, It can also be inappropriate. Used correctly and infrequently as part of a comprehensive parenting toolkit, a spank can be that last resort discipline method you use when you need to create attention and a clear understanding why the behavior should never happen again.

Discipline debate: Spanking gets a timeout

Used inappropriately, spanking can be dangerous. Sep 17,  · Kazdin and Benjet define spanking as the act of hitting a child with an open palm on the buttocks or the extremities (hands and legs) with the intent to discipline without leaving any bruises or injuries (Kazdin & Benjet, ).

The Controversial Issues of Spanking of Children in the Essay, Hitting Bottom: Why America Should Outlaw Spanking by Emily Bazelon.

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An examination of the controversial issue of spanking a child
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The Controversial Case for Spanking a Child | TheBlueBrothers