An overview of the treatment of black people and the migrations to the north

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An Overview of the African-American Experience

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Indoor plumbing, gas heat, and grown schools awaited many instructors from the rural Publicly. The Great Migration Overview. In the spring ofthe attention of the American press and public was focused on the Great War in Europe. Few noticed the tiny stream of Southern black men brought north by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company to work on the rail lines.

Sep 13,  · So when this migration began, you had a really small number of people who were living in the North and they were surviving as porters or domestics or preachers -- some had risen to. The Northern Migration Overview.

Studies of African-American migration most often focus on the twentieth century, when millions of black people left the South, moving northward to industrial cities of the East and West. Yet an earlier migration was also important.

Between andblack Africans represented the fastest-growing segment of the country's foreign-born population. Inmillion immigrants from the Caribbean and about million. Between androughlyblack southerners packed their bags and headed to the North, fundamentally transforming the social, cultural, and political landscape of cities such as Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Detroit.

The majority of enslaved Africans were brought to British North America between and The decade to still saw over 80, people a year leaving Africa in slave ships.

Great Migration

Well over a million more – one tenth of the volume carried off in the slave trade era – followed within the next twenty years.

An overview of the treatment of black people and the migrations to the north
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An Overview of the African-American Experience - Constitutional Rights Foundation