Design of a hospital bed

Medical bed

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Hospital Beds

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6 keys to better healthcare design

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Small Hospital Planning Furniture layout, Flooring Layout and RCP Layout of a hospital which has areas like Single Room, Double Room, Daycare, Physiothreapy, CU, DU, Lift, Nurse Station, Toilets etc. Download File. ECC 5 HOSPITALS Government Hospitals – Nos.

My-R124 New Design Hospital Bed Head Unit

Beds Charitable Trusts Hospitals – Nos. Beds Private/ Corporate Hospitals – Nos. Beds DISTRIBUTION OF HOSPITALS • Varies according to Socio-Economic conditions FOR EG. U.P (HIGHEST POPULATION). Hospital bed dimensions differ depending on the manufacturer.

Also, the features of the bed may be modified to suit the requirements of the patient. NG Hospital Bed Specifications. The platform base measures mm x mm and the outer dimensions measure mm x mm.

The bed height can be adjusted from .

Design of a hospital bed
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