Evaluate the suitability of system design specification of a computer

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CSE System Specification and Refinement. Lecture Times. CSE System Specification and Refinement, TR am, CB to specify and design correct computer systems whether the systems are sequential, concurrent or embedded. Understand the nature of formal methods and evaluate their suitability. evaluate the suitability of a system design specification LO3 Be able to build and configure computer systems build and configure a computer system to meet a design specification.

Evaluate software quality and suitability from 3rd parties both proprietary and open source Design, write, integrate, test, and debug complex Linux embedded systems software with quality and timeliness in accordance with requirements and specifications. → 8 Systems Analysis & Design → Evaluating the New System; Once the new system has been implemented and is in full use, the system should be evaluated (this means that we take a long, critical look at it).

This list was called the Requirements Specification. The systems analyst will use this document to check the new system. 2 Be able to design software, write and test programs for a microprocessor-based system Design software to a given specification: algorithms in the form of a structure chart showing actions and conditions or in pseudo code (structured English).

Evaluate the suitability of system design specification of a computer
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