Ferrarini guidici the parmalat case

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On 27 December Parmalat was declared insolvent. The case shocked Italy and Europe because it was immediately apparent that this was one of the biggest accounting scandals in recent history. Coming shortly after the Enron and WordCom scams, the Parmalat scandal offers a good opportunity to compare failures on both sides of the Atlantic.

In this paper, we start by tracing Parmalat's history and describe the frauds and the criminal proceedings and civil actions that followed the company's collapse both in Italy and the US.

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After going public inParmalat expanded at a breakneck pace during the rest of the decade, acquiring operations in the United States, Germany, France, Brazil, and South Africa.

From throughParmalat went to the bond market 35 times, accumulating over $5 billion in new liabilities. Firms The collapse of Parmalat, the Italian dairy-and-food conglomerate, in illustrates the interplay between ownership structure, political connections, and insiders disguising their diversion of corporate resources by manipulating financial reporting.

Four lessons for audit committees from high-profile accounting scandals

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Ferrarini guidici the parmalat case
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