Globalization of the hospitality industry

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Globalization and its effects on tourism in Africa

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The aim of this article is to study the extent to which the strategic management principles are used by Hospitality Industry and to discuss the structure of this industry. Also, this article aims at discussing the globalization of the Hospitality Industry and modes of entry of Hospitality companies in the International markets.

Hospitality is the act of provide food, drinks and entertainment to customers as well as take care of them. There are several factors that cause impact on hospitality industry, but globalization is one of the major factors that affect hospitality industry both the positive and negative sides.

While the global hospitality industry continues to recover following the effects of the terrorist attacks of September 11,SARS, the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, and the war in Iraq, global uncertainty remains a major concern. So, with the advent of globalization, there are a lot of more jobs available for people within the hospitality industry.

Like an example in Book of Toyota. When open in Japan/5(13). The article discusses the hospitality industry, globalization and tourism, influence of weather, economic factors, cultural differences, expansion and diversity, human resource management, barriers, and globalization and success.

Global hotel industry market size 2014-2016

Understanding globalization is important to any business but in the hospitality industry it is crucial to survival.

Globalization of the hospitality industry
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