Social media doesnt always tell the truth

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Ask a Guy: When a Guy Doesn’t Text Back…

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Deitrick Haddon’s Wife Dominique Blasts Ex-Wife Damita Over Tell All Interview

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The untold truth of The Bachelor

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Ask a Guy: When a Guy Doesn’t Text Back…

It is far more likely the FBI: #1) Ignored Chris Steele talking to media because they needed his Clinton-Steele dossier for a false FISA application; and #2) the FBI later told congress they didn’t know about Steele talking to media, but they really did; and #3) the FBI falsified FD reports of their interview with Chris Steele to cover their tracks.

Advanced SEO Webinar: How to Generate 1, Visitors a Month Through SEO. What is the deal? I am so OVER the four hour response time especially when we don’t talk over any other media. I would say that we guys prefer text because it makes it easier to avoid talking to someone when we don’t feel like it.

When I first watched the short clip above, my reaction was a mix of laughter and annoyance (with an emphasis on annoyance). For those who do not know, Lululemon Athletica is the very successful Canadian company that pioneered and made fashionable the ever so wonderful yoga pants fad that has swept the west over the past decade.

The best social network is the one that happens every night before and after your gig, or your friend's gig, or anywhere music is happening.

Perhaps it's just easier to quantize, but I've booked more gigs for my band or made connections that led to more freelance gigs through face to face networking. Bioware is doing a Companion Chaos social media event starting on March 20 on Facebook and Twitter.

Choose your side in the #SWTORCompanionChaos Celebration – Starting March 20!

Noah “N.D.” Brown of Alaskan Bush People

Join the #SWTOR Family on SWTOR Facebook and @SWTOR to support your favorite Companion in the #SWTORCompanionChaos.

Social media doesnt always tell the truth
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