The concept of ethno tourism

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Humanities and Religious Studies

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What is Ecotourism?

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But it is possible to get ethno-tourism right in an ethically sensitive way. For those who didn’t know, whole economies in some parts of the world have actually survived and thrived on this same concept of ethno-tourism.

Safari Tourism in Africa: Experience the Vast African Wilderness

In those countries with no real ‘natural wonders of the world’ to talk about. This report will critically discuss about the relationships between tourism, hospitality and events.

Eco-tourism expands into ethno-tourism

This report will be written as follow. it can be understood that all of the three concepts, events, tourism and hospitality are different concepts. However, there are related to each other, because the development of one of the area or issue.

Ethnic tourism, if properly planned and managed, can be promoted as sustainable form of tourism and can be utilized as a tool for the preservation and conservation of culture and heritage as well as poverty alleviation.

India, rich with its cultural diversity, grand heritage and inimitable history, is a world famous cultural tourism destination.

The effects of the new trend in hotel design. Benny Paul Joseph & Jason Wu.

Tourism in Indonesia

BSc Students, HTMi Switzerland. Introduction. As globalization continues with the forever changing lifestyle of the travelers, there is an urge for designers to have new innovations of hotel designs for hoteliers to succeed in a highly competitive market.

The concept of ethno tourism
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