The controversy of mandatory drug testing

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Mandatory Drug Testing

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Employee Drug Testing Pros and Cons

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Employee Drug Testing Pros and Cons

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The Controversy of Mandatory Drug Testing

In Rosethe U. Will paramount drug testing even be trying. Schools adopt random student body testing to decrease drug misuse and life drug use among scholars. Key Findings on Adolescent Drug Use.

For more planning about health scams, see our Commonly Abused Drugs Grounds. Drug-testing is multiplying rapidly in both private industry and government agencies.

At last count, more that half of the nation's largest companies were contemplating its use. But, despite its growing popularity, random and routine drug-testing has created a storm of controversy over its morality.

Proponents of routine or random drug-testing claim that employers have a moral right to a fair day's work in. The NCAA established its own drug testing program in and comprehensively tests for both illegal street drugs and performance-enhancing drugs.

Whether the NCAA is a state actor [4] is subject to debate, though the answer seems to be that it is not and therefore is characterized as a private actor.[5]. Implementing a random drug-testing program can cost thousands of dollars and may result in no one testing positive.

Impairment Testing Impairment testing presents a possible alternative to drug testing in the workplace that may end.

The Controversy of Mandatory Drug Testing

St. John’s Jesuit High School & Academy in Toledo began testing students in the fall ofwhile the Boardman school district is considering drug testing for any student who drives to school or is on a sports team. Similar drug testing programs in other states have proven to be a bust. The study, The Effectiveness of Mandatory-Random Student Drug Testing, examined 7 districts that were awarded grants in by the U.S.

Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools to implement mandatory-random drug testing programs in their 36 high schools. The districts volunteered to be in the program and were spread.

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The controversy of mandatory drug testing
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The Controversy of Mandatory Drug Testing Essay