The develop of knowledge in islam

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Science in the medieval Islamic world

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The House of Wisdom was set up in Baghdad aroundand work started almost immediately on translating the major Greek and Indian mathematical and astronomy.

It is an irony that while Islam recommends Muslims to seek for knowledge, the Muslim countries are categorized among the developing countries in the world.

Knowledge in Islam – Your Role

In many Muslim countries, the percentage of illiteracy is 20 % to 30%. In this Hadith, knowledge means the knowledge of the religion, that is to say the correct knowledge of the Qur’an and Hadith which is acquired without any prejudice of any juristic school.

Otherwise juristic prejudice can turn knowledge into great obstruction. Exercise of the intellect ('aql) is of significance in the entire Islamic literature which played an important role in the development of all kinds of knowledge, scientific or otherwise, in the Muslim world.

Islam is a religion of peace and mercy. It is a religion given and completed by Almighty Allah to Prophet Mohammed(P.b.u.h). Let's find out by this quiz that how much we know about Islam. Islam encourages Muslims to seek and acquire knowledge, which is the basis of development and which benefits the individual and the society in the framework of the religion.

Allah Almighty says [ It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah ] (Fatir ).

The develop of knowledge in islam
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Islam and Development