The disappearance of censorship from liberal cultures

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On Censorship

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Whatever your stance on cultural appropriation, attempting to understand the opposite perspective can be productive, and the right to debate that perspective is fundamental to liberal democracy.

On The Disappearance Of Male Initiation Rituals

There are too many examples of Twitter and Facebook silencing or burying views they don’t like to brush the censorship off, Jacques writes. Twitter operate in liberal corporate cultures.

The Censorship of Panorama File. The file was made available in latethe reference is PREM 15/, titled Proposed BBC Panorama Programme on British Intelligence.

It’s a little under 60 pages covering June to February and comprises a bunch of memos and other internal communications and records. dogmatic resistance to the idea of censorship can-- like most dogmatism--result in a mindless insistence on the absurd.

I have used these harsh terms--"dogmatism" and "mindless"--advisedly. I might also have added "hypocritical." For the plain fact is that none of us is a complete civil libertarian.

Censorship in China

Survey: Widespread Fear Amongst Conservatives at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple. DOZENS OF FACEBOOK EMPLOYEES CHALLENGE 'INTOLERANT' LIBERAL CULTURE.

Amerige drew national attention in August when he penned an internal memo, "We Have a .

The disappearance of censorship from liberal cultures
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Liberal and Conservative views on Censorship by Cristian Torres on Prezi