The end of civil war marks the beginning of reconstruction in america

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Slavery in the United States

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Historical Eras

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Families, communities, and the nation itself were irretrievably altered by the Civil War and the subsequent societal transformations of the nineteenth century. Reconstructing Appalachia: The Civil War's Aftermath (New Directions In Southern History) [Andrew L.

Slap Ph.D., Gordon B. McKinney, Robert M. Sandow, Keith S. Hebert. The American Civil War was almost fated to happen, as the enduring issue of slavery had only been placated by stop-gap measures. While it was not the only factor in starting the war, slavery was certainly the main point of contention, as argued by the numerous declarations regarding the seceding states, who listed the maintaining of the institution of slavery as their raison d'être.

In the last years of the s, Arkansas enjoyed an economic boom that was unparalleled in its history. But in the years between andthe bloody and destructive Civil War destroyed that prosperity.

The American Civil War () - U.S. Census. U.S. population: 31, Total number of slaves in the Lower South. Slavery in the United States was the legal institution of human chattel enslavement, primarily of Africans and African Americans, that existed in the United States of America in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Slavery had been practiced in British America from early colonial days, and was legal in all Thirteen Colonies at the time of the Declaration of Independence in

The end of civil war marks the beginning of reconstruction in america
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