The evolution of fashion through the years

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History of Western fashion

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A Timeline of Sexy Fashion Trends Through the Years

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Follow the evolution of goth fashion through the years

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The Evolution of Men's Style: Now An illustrated history of the last 75 years of men's fashion from double-breasted suits to modern formal wear. With some unfortunately large shoulder pads in between. Fashion Trends through the Decades - Tufts University. Designer ranges from small independent designers to large fashion houses that have existed for several decades.

And, while trends still dictate the fashion world, modern designers have often drawn inspiration from the past and have modified classic looks from the past eighty years to be the height of fashion today.

See President Obama’s Style Evolution Through the Years. Politics aside, you can't deny the guy's sartorial mastery. “Overall, he is the most stylish president since JFK,” says Dawnn-Karen, founder and CEO of the Fashion Psychology Institute and an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Just look at his everyday sartorial.

Taylor Swift’s Style Pics — Evolution Through The Years

See how trends in lingerie and undergarments have changed and evolved over the years. The Evolution of Lingerie. few other fashion categories. Click through to see the complete evolution. See her epic style evolution, from start to finish, below. 1 / Rihanna stepped on the map at the Teen People Listening Lounge wearing a crop top and low rise boyfriend jeans back in

The evolution of fashion through the years
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Fashion Trends through the Decades