The mission chapel

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San Miguel Chapel – Santa Fe, NM – Oldest Church in the USA

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Old Mission Santa Barbara

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So let me give you this. Mission Church Alhampton Chapel. Mission Church Alhampton Chapel Find us Alhampton. Get in touch Services and events News and Notices Facilities More information Spotted something wrong Social Edit this Church Menu. Church of England.

San Miguel Chapel is known in Santa Fe simply as “The Oldest Church”, and it is referenced in Wikipedia as the oldest church in the continental United States. Barrio de Analco Historic District. Oral history holds that the barrio was founded by a group of Mexican Indians from Tlaxcala.

Good morning. Good morning to those that are watching online, those that are at our Lockport Campus, here at the CrossPoint Campus. We're glad you're here today. a church or chapel that has no incumbent of its own a charitable centre that offers shelter, aid, or advice to the destitute or underprivileged (modifier) of or relating to an ecclesiastical mission a mission station.

Lima Campagna Alameda Mission Chapel

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The mission chapel
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