The moonstone commentary

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Commentary on Collins’s Choice of Narrators in The Moonstone

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The Moonstone Commentary

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The Moonstone Commentary Posted on April 24, March 28, Author admin Comment(0) A Focus on Setting The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins () Partl – Lines 1 to 16 From the very first description of the storys setting, the audience is already presented with a. Miss Clack's response exposes her disappointment, although she tries to cover it up: Not the slightest pecuniary interest in Lady Verinder's Will.

The Moonstone Analysis

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Commentary on Collins’s Choice of Narrators in The Moonstone

Dive deep into Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Jul 11,  · In The Moonstone, however, Collins pulls a cool trick. He sections off the novel, and uses a different narrator for each.

He sections off the novel, and uses a different narrator for each. The basic problem is the Moonstone, a yellow diamond from India taken back to England, has disappeared. The Moonstone became Collins’s last great literary success, published at the end of an extraordinarily productive period which saw four successive novels become best-sellers.

After The Moonstone he wrote novels with more specific social commentary, which did not achieve the same audience.

Jan 17,  · Example Commentary Response May A1 Paper The following is a Grade 12 student’s response to 1 a) the Wilkie Collins extract from The Moonstone.

The moonstone commentary
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