The mystery surrounding the bipolar affective disorder

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Everything You Need to Know About Bipolar Disorder

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On the Edge DVD - Living with Bipolar

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The phenomenon of bipolar affective disorder has been a mystery since the 16th century. Bipolar disorder or as the alternate names, manic depressive illness or affective bipolar disorder can be classified as a mood disorder characterized by mood swings from manis (exaggerated feeing of.

Bipolar Disorder

Why we need to reveal the truth behind the myths and stereotypes surrounding bipolar disorder. World Bipolar Day (30th March) is a day designed to raise awareness and help us all learn more about a condition that affects around one in every adults.

As with many mental health conditions, sadly. The disordered behaviour will often be Played for technique is generally used to avoid writing yet another Patient of the Week story about some specific disorder and to focus on the laugh-producing elements without having to deal with the serious issues.

Or, less generously, to mock the kooky outer aspects of mental illness without the risk of getting angry letters. Bipolar Rock ‘N’ Roller is an eye-opening look at Mauro Ranallo’s life-long struggle with Bipolar Affective Disorder.

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The mystery surrounding the bipolar affective disorder
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