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New TVR V8 sports car to use manual gearbox

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Updated November 29, Welcome to The Old Car Manual Project's collection of Buick literature, including manuals, brochures and advertisements. July Chevrolet Truck Brochure. Studebaker Brochure. Chevrolet Truck Brochure. International D-2 Utilities Brochure (Aus) Chevrolet Trucks Full Line Brochure.

About The Old Car Manual Project. Back in early The Old Car Manual Project was born with a few scanned Holley carburetor manuals. We started with a free website on Geocities.

After filling out that webspace (20 MB was a lot back then) we expanded to other free servers. By the free webspace model was failing - too many ads, too.

This page is the main index of materials on the various Old Car Manual Project websites. More about The Old Car Manual Project. More index pages, some with large amounts of material not listed on this page. Please Note: This info is incomplete and I am still trying to compile this list.I am trying to gather information on decoding engine serial number identification prefixes (pre) and suffixes ( - ) to add to this site.

The old car manual project
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