The olympic torch as a personification of unity and peace

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Korean unity highlights Olympics

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Olympics open with show of unity

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Olympics open with show of unity

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The Olympic flame is a globally-recognised symbol of the Olympics, and the parading of the flame represents the Olympic ideals of peace, unity and friendship. Through the Torch Relay the Olympic values are disseminated across the entire host country, and the relay serves to raise interest in and expectations for the Games.

National Sports festival: Al-Makura receives Unity ‘Torch, pledges government commitment

Actually, there was no Olympic flame at the modern Olympics until the. An Olympic symbol that has represented peace, unity, friendship and much more besides for the last 80 years, the torch boasts a very special design for this year’s relay.

Weighing kg and standing 69cm high when fully extended, the Rio torch is fashioned from recycled aluminium and resin, and boasts a satin finish. Olympic Games- (oh-lim-pic) noun, plural A competition in summer and winter sports held every four years for athletes from all over the world.

Afterthe schedules of the summer and winter competitions were staggered.

Olympic Movement promotes peace worldwide

The results of a survey carried out in six countries (Australia, Germany, India, Japan, Great Britain and the United States) show that 60% of those questioned identified the Olympic rings as being a symbol of a force for world peace.

Over time, these groups have been engaged in supporting the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, the Paralympics, the World Cup and the Youth Olympic Games (Beutler, ). These games are noted for assembling individuals and countries, some with opposing philosophies about war, peace, negotiations, resources and power, in the.

North Korea’s Jong Su Hyon, left, and South Korea’s Park Jong-ah carry the torch during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Friday, Feb.

Olympics opening ceremony preaches a Games of 'peace'


The olympic torch as a personification of unity and peace
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