The theory of virtues of aristotle

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Key Concepts of the Philosophy of Aristotle

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Aristotle's Ethics

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Key Concepts of the Philosophy of Aristotle

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This does not provide that the right amount is a very amount. Aristotle rejected the idea of Plato’s “Theory of the forms,” which stated that the idealized essence of an object existed apart from that object. Peter looks at one of Aristotle’s most popular works, the Nicomachean Ethics, and its ideas about happiness and virtue.

Peter looks at one of Aristotle’s most popular works, the Nicomachean Ethics, and its ideas about happiness and virtue. Virtue Ethics. Virtue ethics is a broad term for theories that emphasize the role of character and virtue in moral philosophy rather than either doing one’s duty or acting in order to bring about good consequences.

A virtue ethicist is likely to give you this kind of moral advice: “Act as a virtuous person would act in your situation.”. Ancient philosophical theories of soul are in many respects sensitive to ways of speaking and thinking about the soul [psuchê] that are not specifically philosophical or therefore begin with what the word ‘soul’ meant to speakers of Classical Greek, and what it would have been natural to think about and associate with the soul.

Aristotle applied the same patient, careful, descriptive approach to his examination of moral philosophy in the Εθικη Νικομαχοι (Nicomachean Ethics).Here he discussed the conditions under which moral responsibility may be ascribed to individual agents, the nature of the virtues and vices involved in moral evaluation, and the methods of .

The theory of virtues of aristotle
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Aristotle: Ethics